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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week 39

Coloring with Mom and waiting for our food.

Sebastian and the art of sleeping.

The waterfall is cold!


Waiting for MARTA to take us to the High Museum.

What do you mean, everyone says that same thing about this?

That is a lot of cans of soup.



I think that the one on the right is pretty.


You know, some of these are fairly interesting.


Celebrating fall. 


The woods are beautiful.


And fun to play in.


It's also a good time to reflect on things.

Sleeping peacefully.



Nan, Great Grandpa Omer and myself waiting for Ms. Claus.

Daddy helps me wait.



She finally arrives to tell stories and give out candy. I like her.

Week 38

Visiting Cousin Kaiden's house in Alabama with Grandma Joan.

Going to Homestead Hollow with the family.





Aunt Erica showing us around the festival.


Petting the horses Cheese and Crackers with Grandma Joan.

I didn't want to leave.



The view from behind Kaiden's house is nice.


Do we really look that one dimensional?


Learning hopscotch,


racing our bikes,


and running full speed in the cul-de-sac.

The obligator family picture in front of the new house.

Week 37

Racing Mommy down the hill.

Checking for the last of the figs of the season. 

Grandma Joan came to visit us.

Dancing for Grandpa Edgar. I think I did a good job.

Mac and Will's birthday party.

The new calf was sleepy.


Then we decided to all go for a ride.

We got to play on the hay.


Then raced back to the tractor.

Since I was first, I got to stand at the door. 

We even stopped to pick up dinner for the cows.

I enjoyed my day on the farm with the twins.

What am I? I am a tiger riding a t-rex, of course.


The fall festival on Halloween at Alpharetta International Academy.

Ms. Bender painting a bat on my cheek. She's good at everything. 

Trick or treating.



Week 36

I floss and brush each day and she said that it shows





A walk in the park with Mommy.


Saying goodbye to these woods before they're cleared out for the new garage.

Daddy and I clearing out the small stuff.


Then a professional came in to clean up what we did.


Watching them take out the big trees.


It was a big job, but I got it done all by myself.