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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Week 25

Kaiden and I wrestling with Grant.

Poolside after wrestling.


Goofing around.




Helping Kaiden get ready to head back home.

Sissy gets maybe a bit too much medical attention.  

Naptime on Mommy and Daddy's bed. 

The dinosaurs and I are learning about polar bears.

Week 24

Playing in the shower.


At the carnival with Mom and Dad.

Spinning with Mom.


Barely having fun on this one. 

This is more like it!


Saying hello to Abbey.  


Where we're going we don't need train tables... 

If you look closely you might see a kitten.



Reading with Dad at the bookstore.

Carousel cruising.


All aboard!!!


Week 23

I think I'm stuck.



No tool is too large!



Watching dancers from the Senior Senior with Great Grandma Virginia. 

Legos with Grandma Joan.





 More swinging.


Saying goodbye to Grandpa Edgar.

Week 22

All Mommies should be this sea worthy.

Late night movie.


At the Roswell Water Park


Showing Vickery Creek Park to Mommy. 

Mommy likes the park.


And the water was quite nice and very warm.

Climbing on the rocks.


I got a little hot...


Week 21

Doing laps in the house.


Tackled by Brooks.


Brooks and I playing video games at Roosters.

Walking at the Vickery Creek Park.

Hiking to the waterfall.


A quick break with Lucy.


The waterfall at Vickery Creek.

Dinner out with Daniel and Grant. 

Week 20

Showing Grandma Joan the waterfall.


Shucking corn with Papi and Aunt Amy





Trying to get Great Granddaddy Omer into the pool.

Train Parade in Cumming, Georgia

Bunches of trains, driving on the street!

July 4 celebratory hotdog


Cloudy skies, high spirits.


Driveway fireworks are extra loud.

Sparklers with Mom.