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Monday, May 30, 2011

Week 14

 Hiding from my mess. And Daddy. 

It's a wall of fish!


Lucy is the most patient dog ever.

Early morning garden watering.

Mr. Joe and I taking a break from working in the yard.

I can sleep anywhere.


Week 13

 Working hard.


Daddy, Mommy and I finish Phase I of the castle

Mommy and I wresting in a completed Phase II 

The fig trees already have baby figs.

Going out for a drive.



A snack and Thomas so Mommy can finish the laundry.

Great Grandma Virginia and I working on a puzzle. 


Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 12

 At the Electric City Playhouse Black Box BBQ fundraiser.

The Foothills Playwrights Group played for all of us.


Suddenly, Trevor! 



Mrs. Anne showing me all fo the wonderful pictures that she took.

A big hug from Great Grandma Virginia at The Fox's Mother's Day Brunch.

Then I helped her open presents and cards.


This crazy woman just sat down at our table. 


A kiss for my ducky friend who makes bath time lots of fun. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 11

Not sure about the bubbles in this bath.


Daddy told me that I could have strawberry cereal if I could find it.

And I did! 



It was worth the hunt.



Searching for Callie.


I had to look all over.


But I found her. 


Having fun in the pool with Kaiden. 





O Great Granddaddy, O Great Granddaddy, Wherefore art thou Great Granddaddy?

Goodbye hugs for Nanna and Great Granddaddy. 



And one for Aunt Erica too




Making fresh chorizo with Mommy.

Making cupcakes all by myself.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Week 10

Early morning snuggle.


Waiting for the Easter Egg Hunt to being.

They were everywhere!!!


Checking out the haul.


Winning stuffed animals at the carnival with Grandpa Edgar.

Bumper cars are always lots of fun.


I had lots of fun on all of the rides. 


But I was too small for some of them.


Easter morning.


Chocolate breakfast.


Kaiden woke me up from my Easter nap. 

And we spent the afternoon on another egg hunt.

These were hard to find.


And we both got a biiiig kiss afterwards.

I'm getting better at swimming. 

We did laps in the pool.


And I even went way under water.

The only way to eat an Easter Bunny is ears first.

I spent the whole week covered in chocolate.