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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 31

Roswell Arts Festival in memory of Great Grandma Fran.

Checking out the Festival with Grandma Karen. 


Looking for friendly faces with Mom.


We didn't find any, only Great Uncle Omer.


My new brachiosaurus.


Hanging out with family. 


Kaiden and I saying goodbye the Festival.

Then we took a nap.


Week 30

I am Sebastian Thomas Hamilton, Goofy-Extraordinaire.

Visiting Great Grandpa Omer in the hospital. 


He got better and had lots of visitors.


Grandma reading me a naptime story.


Helping Nan make a welcome home cake for Great Grandpa Omer.

Week 29

Showing Grandma Joan my classroom during the family picnic day at my school.

Grandma & Grandpa playing with me on my school playground. 

Waiting for cake. Patience is extra hard when cake is involved. 

Helping Kaiden pack for his move into his new house.


We moved all of these boxes ourselves.

Playing nice. 


Not playing nice. 


Saying goodbye.


Week 28

Helping Daddy vacuum the car.

Watching Daddy wash the car. 

Waiting for dinner.  


A quick nap with Lucy.


At an ice cream festival with Mom.

I made sure to taste every single one.

Week 27

Ready for my first day of school at the Alpharetta International Academy.

I had a good first day.



Visiting Zoo Atlanta with Mom and Dad.  


The flamingos smell funny.



I love the giraffes,


but I don't even know what this is.  

Mommy knows everything about everything. 

There was even a petting zoo.

And I got to feed the birds.

They were very hungry.

Week 26

Waiting for Great Grandma Virginia to arrive.

Swimming with Mommy.


Swimming with Great Grandma Virginia.  

Am I going to have to eat all of this by myself? 

Dessert was as good as it was messy.

Checking out my new school.  

They even have animals in the classrooms. 

Great Granddad checking out my ear infection.