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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Week 45

Santa came!!!


Mom suggests that I open other presents too.

Santa didn't eat all of his cookies. 

Mom is just as excited as I am. 

A new sleeping bag.


And a plane.


Even Daddy helps!


Finally, I get to ride my new firetruck. 

A quick snack before company comes over.


Grandma Karen and Great Aunt Joy bring more gifts.


Chloe and I watching the Grinch's heart grow three times.

Katelyn and I waiting for lunch.


Waiting my turn for Daddy's beef tenderloin and mac-n-cheese.

Christmas cupcakes.



And one more present.



Grandma Joan's yearly figgy pudding was especially flammable this year. 

More food?


More presents!


Kaiden and I looking for any unwrapped presents.

Finally, I'm done with Christmas.  

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